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                  Suzhou City in the sandblasting Machinery Co., Ltd. is a foreign advanced technology, specializing in the production of sandblasting equipment of high-tech enterprises. After nearly
                  More than 10 years of efforts, has developed and produced a series of advanced technology, improve the blasting equipment. To meet the different needs of customers at home and abroad, made with the
                  Industry leading position. Won the majority of users of praise and support.
                  Suzhou City in the sandblasting Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly produces manual plastic burr processor, automatic rail and conveyor-type flash machine, the ring
                  Belt plastic blasting machine, automatic conveyor sandblasting machine, drum sandblasting machine, trolley rotary sandblasting machine, automatic recovery pressure sandblasting machine, open
                  Put sandblasting machine, whirlwind sandblasting machine, siphon standard closed sandblasting machine, ring belt sandblasting machine, crawler type sweepers and automatic recovery sandblasting machine room
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                  Address: No. 61, Qiyang Road, Wo Ting Town, Suzhou Industrial Park (Jinling East Road and Kiheng Road intersection)
                  Post Code: 215121
                  Tel: 0512-62656552 62656753 62994939
                  Fax: 0512-62716036
                  Url: www.shikozno.com
                  Mail: xzc@zhongshunsz.com
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